Friday, February 17, 2017

DAILY DEVO....doing for the least of these

In today's scripture reading, we come across a passage that I think is probably the most misquoted and misunderstood scripture in the Bible...

(Matthew 25:45) "Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."

In the scriptures right before this, we see Jesus telling the crowd that those who will inherit the kingdom are those who gave Him food when He was hungry, a drink when He was thirsty, a home when He was a stranger, clothes when He had none and visited Him when He was sick and imprisoned. (See Matthew 25:34-36)

If we interpret this as meaning that if we do all of these things it will lead to eternal life, we are not understanding. There is only one thing that we can do to ensure our eternity and that is ask God to forgive us and confess Him as Lord.

When Jesus says "the least of these My brothers", He is talking about His Disciples. Many times Jesus refers to His Disciples as "least of these" or refers only to them as His "brothers". (Matthew 10:42, 18:4, 18:6, 18:10 and 18:14.)
When I apply this particular passage to what the entire book of Matthew is saying, I see that what Jesus is alluding to is that when His brothers (His disciples) are treated well, so is Jesus because He is an extension of them. 

Often times, I see people get weary of doing good. (Sometimes I get weary) When people don't notice our good deeds or even appreciate all that we do, we simply want to give up. But what you and I fail to see is that we are simply an extension of the arms and heart of Jesus. 

When you give to others remember you are giving them Jesus.


**how are you doing with your Bible reading? This weekend we will finish another book in the Old Testament! Keep up the good work!

TODAY'S SCRIPTURE READING: Exodus 38-39, Matthew 25:31-46, Psalm 35:9-17

SATURDAY'S SCRIPTURE READING: Exodus 40, Matthew 26:1-35, Psalm 35:18-28

SUNDAY'S SCRIPTURE READING: Leviticus 1-3, Matthew 26:36-68, Psalm 36:1-6

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