Friday, October 7, 2016



Face it, there are just some days that putting one foot in front of the other is a struggle. I can muster up my own discouragement without the help of others. And on those days that I am feeling totally unable, unusable, unfit - that is NOT the day that I need someone else to come alongside me and kick me when I'm down.

Discouragement; some days we just don't see the full picture, the grey area becomes solid black and God? - He seems far off and in the distance.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way sometimes, in fact, David who wrote the Psalms faced days, even years, like this in his own life. The book of Psalms are full of verses that express his own despair and feeling of abandonment.

Yet, it is here, in the book of Psalms, that I find the encouragement to live my life victoriously despite the dark periods in my life:

"Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations. Your established the earth, and it stands." (Psalm 119:89,90)

The thing about the circumstances in our life is this: they may change us, but our circumstances NEVER change God. God is the same today as He was on creation day when He created the stars, the moon and the sky. He is the same as the day that He led the Israelites through the Red Sea. God is the same as the day He fed 5,000 with just 5 fish. Our circumstances may change, but God never does!

It perplexes me still, that people, including close family and friends will choose to bring discouragement unto others. The words they speak, the actions they choose cause me to think that they do not see the full picture either. How can they? If their words tear down, how can they see the good God is doing?

Life brings enough troubles on its own, I would like to encourage you this day that if you feel discouraged because of something someone said or did, or you just feel unworthy in some area of your life; look to God, see His faithfulness and trust Him with your circumstances. Trust me, no matter what your circumstances look like, God isn't surprised and He wont change His mind about you because of it.


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