Thursday, January 1, 2015

Daily Devo...what we remember

As we start a new year today, we all have things on our mind of the past, some good and some not so much.

Remembering things can be a good thing. Unless, of course you are like me and your memory isn't what it use to be. I find myself having to make lists of things I need to remember to do.

Isn't it funny that the things we want to forget, we can't; while the things we need to ...remember, we quickly forget.

It's easy to forget to stop at the bank or forget to call someone back but when it comes to our past pain and hurt, we simply cannot forget.

"He has caused His wonders to be remembered, the Lord is gracious and compassionate." -Psalm 111:10

Our lives are filled with memories. Paul encourages us in Philippians (3:13) to forget what is behind and press towards what lies ahead. That does not mean that we forget what God brought us from, because every good and bad thing has woven us into what we are today.

Our memory will serve us well when we remember how God has been gracious and compassionate towards us; in the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our memory can play tricks on us. If you find yourself meditating more on your past than your future, perhaps you need to make yourself a note to remember that God works ALL things for His good.

Keep pressing forward!

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