Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First things first

Some days I need to have a to-do list in order to accomplish all that needs to be done in my day. With my list in hand, off I go running, checking off each item as I go.

Go to the grocery store, get gas, pay the cable bill, pick up dry cleaning, call the insurance, deposit paycheck, on and on the list can go. But where in all of that was God?

Does God even make it on our "to-do" list?

Many times He doesn't and if He does, as soon as we spend a quick minute with Him, off running we go again. Feeling abit accomplished because we were able to check off our list "spend time with God".

In the book of Matthew, it says:

"Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God."  (Matthew 6:33)
But what exactly is first?

Is it the first thing that we accomplish in our day? I always thought that it meant that spending time with God should be the very first thing in our day. It has been proven in my own life that when I do start my day out with Him, everything else usually falls into place alot easier and much more peaceable. But what if I didn't start my day with Him, does that make me less accomplished?

I am afraid that the mistake many of us make is that we put God on our list of things to do and then we are satisfied when we cross Him off of our list. The word "first" is not to be taken in a numerical sense. If we look at it like that, then we will check God off of our list and move onto #2, leaving the Kingdom behind, saying to ourselves "been there!" "done that!"

Instead of looking at spending time with God as a numerical thing, we need to understand that putting Him "first" is putting Him above everything else. Top priority. Yes, it is good to start our day off with God, but putting Him "first" is seeking Him in ALL things...ALL day!

I guess you could say that when we seek God all day long and never cross Him off of our list, that is putting "first things" first!

Be blessed today as you tackle your to-do list, but don't attempt it without Him!


Denise said...

Amen, so true.

Julie Moon said...

Laurie,this is so true. I was just beating myself up over this yesterday. I think our intent is to put God first. Then we see the laundry, the bills we stop to pull out chicken from the freezer and start doing dishes. Only to remember we forgot to start the washing machine..... it is an endless cycle that we are pulled into. Thank you for transparency, and gentle reminder of what needs to be our first priority Blesings Julie Moon