Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A PIECE OF MY HEART...Look, I brought my suitcase!

The threat of the levee breaking has many of us concerned here in the south. Our weather has been wet, wild and crazy these days. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and inches and inches of rain have left us with flooding streets and the fear of our levee breaking. Some people close to the levee have already been evacuated.

Of course, if this would happen, much of our city would be washed away. I'm not sure how much would be salvaged, certainly I wonder if our home would make it thru such devastation. Alot of people for days have been panicky about it. They have their cars loaded with suitcases already for a quick get away. We have not gone to that extreme yet. My husband has been reassuring me that we will be alright. He isn't a worry wart and is not usually bothered by stuff until it is time to be worried.

I think he is starting to get worried.

Tonight, very calmly, he suggested that I get a suitcase packed with a change of clothes and our important papers such as our social security cards and a few important pictures packed ...just in case!


Now, he has me thinking....what would I need to pack? If there is a possibility that our home will be washed away, how is it possible to put 30 years of "important" stuff into a suitcase? What will I pack? What will be left behind?

This reminded me of something that I read about the ancient Egyptians. They had a belief that in the afterlife they would continue their occupation as on earth. So the ancient Egyptians would be buried with everything they needed for their occupation. Also, their tombs contained a change of clothes and a supply of food.

Can you imagine what funerals would be like today if we had that same custom?

Buried with me would be my laptop computer, my cell phone and my debit card, along with a box of fruit loops and plenty of Dr. Pepper. Somehow, I just don't think that when we get to heaven that our first words will be..."Look, I brought my suitcase Lord!"

We may need a suitcase full of treasures to ride out this flood, but I promise you no treasures filled in a suitcase will be needed in heaven. We will have no need for any of it. In heaven, God will supply everything we are need of. We will no longer hunger or thirst for anything:

REVELATION 7:16 "They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat."

Christ has already gone to prepare a place for us:

JOHN 14:2 "In my Father's house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you."

I'm pretty sure that this place He has prepared is much better than any place we have ever seen or imagined about here on earth. And the best thing is that no luggage is needed!

Make sure your travel papers are in order..."for no one gets to the Father except thru His Son." (John 14:6)


Karen said...

Jesus is the ONE we can be sure of in uncertain times. God bless and guide you. You are in my prayers.

Beth in NC said...

Oh Laurie, I pray you and your home will be safe. I've been hearing about a lot of this on K-Love. Farmers have lost their crops due to the flooding.

Keep us posted.

I would want to pack every childhood picture.

Bless you friend.

Krista said...

I am looking forward to the day we leave this life here on earth for our new home in heaven...the home that we were made for!

Love you