Monday, May 23, 2011

Is it possible for the church to be asleep?

If you are reading this today, then it is safe to say that the world did not come to an end this past weekend. All weekend long, the buzz was all about Harold Camping's prediction that the world would come to an end Saturday, May 21st. As I read down thru my facebook newsfeed all day Saturday, people were poking fun at Campings prediction.

As much as I believe his prediction was ludicrous, I find myself just alittle bit concerned about the attention that he is getting over this unfounded prediction. Attention seems to be on the fact that this man not once, but now twice has predicted the end time, both times getting it wrong. Harold Camping authored the book, "1994", where his first prediction came to the public eye about how the world would come to an end. When his prediction did not happen back in 1994 he was asked why it did not come true. "It didn't come true because of a mathematical error." He was reported just a month ago telling the Associated Press, "I'm not embarrassed about it. It was just the fact that it was premature."

What is sad to me, is that people seemingly view the world coming to an end as a joke or a hoax thanks to Campings. But it is not a hoax or a joke at all! The world as we know it WILL come to an end one day. But nobody knows the day or the hour. NO ONE!

MATTHEW 24:36 "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only." (Jesus speaking)

Harold Camping could have had it right, it could have happened on May 21st. Or May 22nd. Or next week or next month. It could be in 10 years. The point really isn't WHAT day it will happen as much as it is that it WILL happen! And we must be ready at all times.

It reminds me of the time that our son was overseas serving our country. I will never forget the feeling I had when he was returning home after spending a year in South Korea. I longed to see his face, and could barely stand the wait for his return. I stood at the door, watching for his arrival. We waited and waited. The phone ringing could not take me away from the door watching for him. The television, the dirty dishes in the sink, NOTHING could take my eyes off of looking for my son to return home.

It is with that kind of yearning, and dedication that we must be watching for the return of our Father.

MARK 13:35- 37 "Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming - in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning, (36) lest, coming suddenly, he find you sleeping. (37) And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!"

If we are not watching, we may be found asleep. I wonder..."is it possible for the church to be asleep?" We are in the last days and there is no time to be asleep. We must not take our eyes off of God and we must not be willing to let anyone be left behind!

 Is it possible that we as Christians can be caught up in petty disagreements and unresolved differences that we miss out on being caught up in the air? Is it possible that we lose sight of how Gods love and grace covered us when we don't extend love and grace to others? The harvest is plenty, but workers are few. Not only should we be watching in these final days, but we must be ready and never tire of working!

The return of Jesus is no joke. It is no hoax. It could be today or it could be tomorrow, but not everyone is ready. We must not be found asleep, but be watching and working until He comes!

People get ready...Jesus is coming!

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