Monday, January 31, 2011

Power surge!

Yesterday, while I was teaching my Sunday School class, the lights went out. I went out in the hall and it appeared my classroom lights were the only ones affected. Apparently there was a power failure with the breaker.

It is amazing to me the power that comes from that master switch or breaker box. It has the power to either give us light or when turned the wrong way, it can bring nothing but darkness.

Isn't that the same thing that happens to us? Except for us, the breaker box or the master switch is our tongue!

There is so much power in the tongue. It can either build up, encourage or it can tear down and destroy. It brings light or it brings darkness. With just a flip of the switch, power surges through our tongue.

MATTHEW 12:34 "Whatever is in your heart determines what you say."

When we go to God daily for His strength and wisdom, His power will be seen. Not only that, His power will be heard in the things that we say. What kind of power is surging thru your heart and tongue today?  Power of light or is it a power of darkness?

May we never lose sight of where our power comes from and what a difference the power of Jesus Christ can make, not just in our lives, but others.


angelina said...

Great post... Yes that little old tongue can cause a great dael of trouble can't it??? OH BE CAREFUL LITTLE TONGUE WHAT YOU SPEAK!!!

Denise said...

Another wonderful post.