Thursday, January 6, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY...second chances

There are certain times in life that I wish that we could just have second chances. When your little guy is up to bat and the bases are loaded, the team has two outs and the win is all up to your son. Boy, when he swings the bat and misses, it would be great instead of hearing the ump yell ... "Your OUT!", instead you heard, "Here's a SECOND CHANCE slugger!"

Face it, we live in a world today where "second chances" are very slim. Just ask the little guy who didn't make the team, or the woman with 3 children who just got dumped for someone younger. We don't get many second chances these days. Nowadays its more like "It's now or never." In fact, instead of getting second chances, its more like "3 strikes - your out!". It's a dog eat dog world we live in.

Jesus had a simple answer to the "dog eat dog world" syndrome, I believe He would say.."Then don't live with the dogs!" Think about it, it makes alot of sense, why let a bunch of failures tell you how much of a failure you are?

Are SECOND CHANCES possible?
I wonder what Peter would say about that if we could ask him?

"But go, tell His disciples - AND PETER- that He is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him, as He said to you." (Mark 16:7)

When I read that passage, the "And Peter" just jumped off of the page to me. It's like all heaven had watched Peter fall (when he betrayed Jesus) - and now it's as if all heaven is wanting to help him back up. My translation of that verse.."Be sure to tell Peter that he is not left out. Tell him that one failure does not make him all washed up!"

Are there "second chances"?
It's not every day that you get one, and Peter must have known that, because the next time he saw Jesus he got so excited that he wasn't even thinking before he jumped into the cold waters of the Sea of Galilee.

It's not every day that you find someone who will give you a second chance my friend, much less someone who will give you a second chance EVERY day...but in Jesus, Peter found both.

Aren't you thankful for SECOND CHANCES?

Today is THANKFUL THURSDAY, and I am thankful for the second chance that God gives me. I am a sinner, saved by grace. I mess up. All of the time. But I am a work in progress and He is still working on me! Lynn is our gracious hostess for TT this month, please link your TT post up with her.


Harter said...

Wonderful post!

Tiff said...

So thankful for second chances...and third chances...and fourth chances...etc...

Our do-over supply is limitless! Woohoo! Love it.

Lynn said...

Oh Laurie,

Girl, I can't even begin to worship God for my second chances. Thank you for this inspiring post. Love you. It's going to be a wonderful year in service to our King. Hugging you. Lynn