Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...most influential

I was reading the latest edition of TIME magazine, mainly because the cover caught my attention:

"The 100 MOST Influential People in the World"

Some of the most influential leaders, according to TIME, Barack Obama (#4 in the top), Nancy Pelosi (#8 in the top), Sarah Palin (#9 in the top) and Glen Beck (#14 in the top).

The top Artist in the world? LADY GAGA with Conan O'Brien following as #2 in the top. Also making the TIME top list were Oprah Winfrey (#4 in the top) and Taylor Swift (#9 in the top).

TIME listed Bill Clinton as the #1 hero. Also making the list for heroes were Ben Stiller (#4 in the top) and Serena Williams (#14 in the top).

As I read over these lists (and chuckled at a few of the names that made the top list), it took me only a moment to realize where our society is putting our trust, our admiration and our focus. It is not on Jesus Christ.

I noticed that Jesus did not make the list for any of these, and in my eyes He should be the #1 influential person that ever walked this earth. Was Jesus not the greatest LEADER you will ever know? Did He not influence not only His disciples greatly, but everyone that He came in contact with?

ARTIST? How can anyone not recognize God as being the ultimate artist of the world? All you have to do is open your eyes and look around. Gaze upon the mountains and the sunset, look at the animals and see how each one was created uniquely. The stars, the moon, the trees, the flowers, the oceans, the birds, the change of seasons. Such artistic beauty all around us, none can compare to the artistic hand of God, our Creator.

I cannot even imagine how Jesus Christ was overlooked on the top HERO list. Last I checked, I don't believe that Bill Clinton gave his life for anybody! Jesus Christ is my ultimate hero! He loved, He gave, He sacrificed, and He gave me life!

JOHN 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me."

If you could come up with a list of most influential people in your life ... who would make the list? Would Jesus Christ be #1?

and that's a piece of my heart today!

ALSO...You can check out my devo that I have written for the AT THE WELL site today. It is entitled, " Leave the light on."

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Denise said...

Jesus is my everything, always number 1.

Samantha said...

This is why our country is in such turmoil. Jesus must be first !!
Thanks for sharing, blessings to you dear friend.

Karen said...

Oh, I am with you 100%! Jesus...no other name...He's all I want...all I need...

maritz said...


Debbie said...

Jesus is my number 1 for sure....Without Him I am really nothing at all. Have a wonderful day...

Cate Tuten said...

Laurie, I loved this post so much I would like to post it on my face book page!! May I and how do I do that? Blessings, Cate Tuten

LAURIE said...

Cate- Yes you can put my link on your facebook page for this. How you do that on fb is under where you can update your status, you can click "link" and then copy and paste this link to this post. here is the link:


If you havent already requested me on fb ... find me, I'd love to see you over there as well! -blessings, Laurie