Monday, May 17, 2010


A hen was scratching around in the barnyard, looking for food. She spied a lump in the ground and pecked and pecked at it until she finally overturned a bright, shiny diamond! She cocked her head, like only hens can do, and looked and looked at that sparkling gem. Realizing it was NOT a kernel of corn, she kicked the gem away. The hen thought to herself how her master would love to of had found such a thing as that diamond, but she would rather have a single kernel of corn.

The diamond was worth far more than any single kernel of corn, but the hen did not care. The farmer may have jumped for joy to have found a diamond, but it just meant nothing to the hen.

It's not just hens that kick away the diamonds, we often do the same thing. We value things that our Master cares nothing about and we ignore the things that He thinks are of great value.

1 PETER 2:17 "Show respect to everyone."

God thinks that respecting others is valuable, so shouldn't we also? How often do we look at others and just toss them aside or kick them away like the hen did to the diamond, just because they are not what we think they should be. Each and every person has value and God sees us all as precious gems ... diamonds in the rough.

Are you a hen-pecking Christian or do you see the diamond in others?


Denise said...

I see the diamond in others.

Karen said...

Lord open my eyes to see the treasure in others....

joven said...

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