Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...there is no salvation family plan!

Growing up around Christians or even going to church on a regular basis does not instantly make someone a Christian. Knowing God is not at all like joining a cell phone company. God does not offer a "family share plan". He does not let us tag along and get "free minutes" just because our parents or grandparents have already paid for it. (or lived it). God wants us to choose for ourselves to serve Him, not because of our who are parents or friends are. He wants us to choose Him because we WANT to!

John the Baptist spent some time with people who thought they were part of a "salvation family share plan." They figured that since Abraham had an "in" with God, and they were his descendants, then they were good with God also. John was quick to tell them that salvation is not about your family relationship with God but it is about YOUR relationship with Him.

JOSHUA 24:15 "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."

Know Whom you believe in and why ... because there will be no piggy back riding into heaven!

and this has been a piece of my heart today;


Denise said...

Powerful my friend.

Kristen Love said...

I love the "family share plan" that is a great analogy!

Karen said...

When I was young, I had the misguided notion that since the majority of my family were Christians, my "holy genes" would guarantee a place in heaven for me...well, God convicted me of that right quickly, and I have since tried to share with others...like you have here...that it just doesn't work that way...I loved your cell phone analogy!