Saturday, January 24, 2009

THEN SINGS MY SOUL SATURDAY...Jesus loves all of the children


You can argue all day long about the subject of abortion.

You can debate until you have no more breath about the reasons to support or oppose abortion.

But, in my opinion, there is one important reason to support LIFE...

Now that is a power that outweighs
the power of our new President!

This has been a different kind of THEN SINGS MY SOUL SATURDAY this week, but my spirit aches for those unborn babies that God created and loved and have been ripped from not only a mother's womb but ripped from God's plan. AMY is the host of Then Sings My Soul Saturday, please join your worshipful hearts with hers. CLICK HERE!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, Laurie! I love that song and I sung it to my babies as I rocked them to sleep. God blessed me with two beautiful sons and He has great plans for both of them. He has the same great plans for each one of these aborted babies. I can't begin to imagine the grief that He feels knowing that someone murdered one of His precious children that He created, blessed a mother with and she discards them like trash.

It grieves my heart so much so today to see and hear of the reversals in the funding for abortions in our country. BUT, God knew already what was going to happen. May He have mercy on our country!

Happy TSMSS!

Beth in NC said...

Laurie, I am so disgusted with Obama's decisions about abortion (not surprised unfortunately). The thought just came to me yesterday that he is sowing seeds of death. Literally. What is he going to reap upon himself? He is blind and sorely deceived. God help him and show/direct us Christians how to stop the slaughter.

I can't imagine the cries of the shed blood.

God have mercy,

Tammy said...


Debra said...

Oh Laurie....

Thank you for posting this song. Yes, Jesus' love triumps everything. And He loves His creation...His children.

Blessings to you, today, sweet friend.

ktwalden said...

Amen and again I say Amen!

Rebecca said...

I've had this conversation SO many times in the past few weeks. My heart just ACHES for those little babies, and the consequences we will face as a country for decisions not to protect them.