Thursday, January 29, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY...teens for jeans

EPHESIANS 4:32 "Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

Isn't that a great scripture! It spurs me on to do to others what has been bestowed upon me. Forgiveness... it says that we are to forgive others just as God has forgiven us.

But wait, what about that first part of the scripture.... "Be ye kind one to another". You mean not only do I have to forgive but I HAVE TO be kind also??

Be kind to who?
~the unsaved?
~my neighbor?
~my enemies?
~those who are down and out?

I think it says to be kind to ALL. That means everyone that we come in contact with. Kindness can be shown in alot of different ways. It can be shown by the words we speak, the things we do openly and even in the things we do quietly.

One of things that I enjoy doing that expresses christian kindness is giving to those that are in need. Whether it be alittle extra cash or some clothes that I have far too many of.

I am thankful for the opportunity to give!

Last weekend, I was shopping with my teenage daughter. that's always an experience! And we heard about this great opportunity for "giving" that the popular AEROPOSTALE store is doing.


HAVE YOU HEARD OF THAT? Aeropostale is asking us to donate our jeans at any of their stores from January 26-February 22, 2009. They will give all of the donated jeans to homeless teens from all across the US and Canada.

  • It is estimated that 150,000 teens are living on the streets in Canada.
  • And 1 out of every 3 homeless people in the US is under the age of 18.
Isn't that staggering figures!

Together it is estimated that 1.7 million young people are homeless.

My 13 year old daughter has plenty of jeans to wear. And when she needs a new pair, we can usually find a good sale going on at Aeropostle. This past weekend she bought a pair of jeans for $10 on the clearance rack.

I am thankful that my teen has plenty of clothes, a full stomach and a warm place to call home!

If you want to share alittle love with a homeless teen - you could donate your old, holy, worn out jeans OR for $10-$20 go to Aeropostle a new pair or two or three ... and donate them to someone less fortunate than your teenager!


For more information on TEEN FOR JEANS, visit . Last year, Aeropostle donated 125,000 pairs of jeans.

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Denise said...

Amen, well said.

Grammy said...

I love your post it is so wonderful to do this. But we also need to remember the hungry at this time. Most food pantry's are in great need of help. and could use the money to fill some empty belly's. As the kids would be happy with the used jeans and food to go with it.
You are wonderful for pointing out a new way to help others.

Lori said...

thanks for telling us all about teens for jeans, I had not heard about it before! It is hard to "be nice" to the ones we don't care for, but God commands us to. We can love because HE first loved us. Have a great day.

Beth in NC said...

First, I have to say - isn't it funny how we can read a scripture 100 times and see something different on the 101st time? I have never really noticed where it said BE KIND. Ha! How convenient for ME. Hmmmm.

Second, what a great idea about the jeans!!!!

Happy TT!

Cheryl said...

Love your thoughts and scripture. We are embracing compassion at church at this time, doing things for others.

Thanks for sharing!


Laurie Ann said...

Awesome post, Laurie! Kindness goes a long way, especially to the homeless. Those figures are staggering! It's amazing when you've just read an article about the wealthiest men and women in the world and then read figures like this. So sad. I will definitely donate some jeans. I wonder if they have a website...Happy Thankful Thursday!

Debbie said...

We really do have much to be thankful for. When it's put into perspective and we learn of how many don't even have a roof over their heads, food in their belly, and clothes to wear, we really have been blessed. Thanks for sharing the resource and ways we can give to others.