Monday, April 14, 2008

PLANTED SEEDS....a piece of my heart

1 CHRONICLES 22:19 "Now determine in your mind and HEART to seek the Lord your God."


I love springtime in the south, it is my favorite time of the year. Of course, if you looked out your window earlier today here in the south, you may have been confused as to what season we were actually in. The clouds came in this morning, and dropped yet some more rain on our already drenched land, followed by (yes you saw it correctly) hail and then a short time later the sun peaked. Isn't it wonderful living in the south?

How do we know when spring has finally sprung? Well, the first sign will be the new growth of plants budding up thru the soil. My husband, who loves to putter in the yard and plant a huge vegetable garden, has already been out there tilling and planting. It is so fun to watch him as he goes thru all of the steps of gardening; tilling the ground, planting, weeding, watering, more weeding and then finally the reward: a big,ripe, juicy tomato! (reaping what he sowed).

For the past couple of years, I have had a group of ladies join me on a prayer forum on the internet. One of the most anticipated thing on this prayer forum is the daily scripture reading that I post. The ladies have determined in their hearts that making Gods Word a priority in their day was important to them. Meditation upon Gods Word reminds me of that whole planting and reaping system I spoke of earlier.

Often times, we want to reap the blessings and rewards that God has to offer us but we don't want to take the time for the planting, the nurturing and the watering of the seeds sown in our spirit.

I applaud these women who have purposed in their hearts these past two years to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Personal discipleship to me is having an intentional and purposeful journey of getting to know Christ. Encountering Him thru His Word and thru daily communication with Him.

Thinking like a gardener; when you plant seeds of a flower, with the proper care of watering and tending of that plant, you will eventually see a beautiful flower sprout up from the ground. A product of your nurturing!

God has spoken seeds of growth throughout His Word. It is up to us to plant these spiritual seeds in our hearts and minds. If we do not tend to the nurturing of our spirit, it will die. Just like the flower in the garden that needs nutrients in order to continue living, we as Gods children need the nutrients that His Word gives us. What we plant (spiritually) will eventually be the final product for all to see.

The daily scripture reading I spoke of earlier is just a small tool that allows us to meditate upon the Word daily. This should not replace your personal study time with the Father, but it can enhance your daily growth time with the Lord as you study, memorize and meditate upon His Word.

This awesome tool has now been added to this blog page, it is my prayer that you will join me and my friends from the prayer forum to determine in your heart and mind to dwell on the Word of God, this will be one way to strengthen your growth with Him.

There is nothing more beautiful than a flower bud that has just blossomed. When we soak in the Word of God, it will radiate its beauty in and thru us. A flower that has bloomed eventually loses its petals and dies, but the Word of God is the same today, yesterday and forever and does not change.

Isn't it a wonderful sight to see godly women spreading the fragrance of Jesus Christ to all those that can see?

The DAILY SCRIPTURE READING is available to all to meditate upon. Look daily for the petals of fragrance (on top of the side bar on blog) and determine in your heart to blossom in the Lord!


Blessings, Laurie


Sharon said...

Laurie, That is a GREAT idea! I love how you are willing to go and do what HE is calling you to do! You go girl!

I would also like remind you of the Assembly of God Blogs Party. There is still time to join, and I hope you will! (You can click on the banner, on my blog to find out more.) If you need more motivation, there are some great door prizes to be given away. I hope you'll join us!!

Cheri said...

Thanks for this word Laurie!

I still feel like I need to tend more to my relationship with God.

I am really 'hearing' todays verse!