Thursday, July 28, 2016

DAILY DEVO...stop whining!

Last night I spoke to the youth about being a whiney Christian. Believe it or not, dealing with complaining Christians is nothing new to God...

If you open your Bible to the old Testament, you will see that even in the beginning church, complaining was an issue. And it still goes on in today's church.

From styles of preaching to preference of songs to sing to the color of the carpet; someone somewhere will have something to say about it.

Whining isn't just in the pew; but at work, school and at home. Everyone knows a whiner, but what does God say about His children whining and complaining?

"Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door." (James 5:9)

When my kids were young, one of them was a real whiner. In fact, so much that we created a "whiney towel" that they would wear if they started to whine too much. Seems drastic, but it got the message across that whining was not accepted.

How crazy would it be if God handed out "whiney towels" to His children who complained and whined about everything. How quickly we might learn that God does not want to hear His children grumbling.

God wants us to live in peace with one another and to be honest, I can't think of anything positive that rises up from whiney attitudes. Whining is a mechanism  that is used to get things "my way".

I challenged the youth last night and I'd like to challenge you today to give your complaints and your whiney attitude to God. You may get things "your way" at Burger King but with the King of Kings...its "His way!"

And God says STOP whining about it and START praising Him for it!


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