Thursday, May 3, 2012

THANKFUL THURSDAY...the waiting room

Several years ago God spoke to me during a late night visit to a hospital waiting room. My dear friend's husband had a heart attack in the middle of the night. In the rushed effort to get him to the hospital, my friend found herself in a hospital waiting room totally unprepared. The sudden emergency found her with no snacks, no reading material and no change for the vending machines.

Upon my arrival I found my friend hungry, thirsty and extremely tired. I rummaged through my purse to find whatever I could to leave with her, a few quarters, 2 sticks of gum, a piece of paper and a pen to jot down information from the doctor. Even though this was by far no emergency kit, it would have to suffice until I could return with the goods needed to survive a long wait at the hospital.

From this experience, my husband and I later formed a new ministry in our church. One that would minister to those whose loved ones were in the hospital. A survival bag that included snacks, coins for the vending machine, a calling card, toothpaste and toothbrush and reading material.

I don't know about you, but waiting really tires me out. All that sitting around and waiting for the doctor to come out with a report is physically and emotionally draining. Maybe what you are waiting for is something different than a doctors report...perhaps you have a loved one overseas and you long to hear those words, "I'm coming home!" Waiting for news of a new promotion or a new grandchild being born can also keep us biting our nails in anticipation. The waiting process is difficult, that is why a survival bag is important to have for such times.

"I am worn out waiting for Your rescue, but I have put my hope in Your Word. My eyes are straining to see Your promises come true. When will You comfort me?" Psalm 119:81-82 (NLT)

Without proper preparation we cannot survive the hard times that come and go out of our lives. A bottle of water, a bag of snacks and a magazine may help ease the pain of waiting in the hospital room, but in the spiritual waiting room, those things will not be enough. We need prayer and His Word to strengthen us and give us hope. During these moments of waiting on the Lord, I find myself ready for God to come to my rescue, but I am not always ready to encounter Him.

The readiness comes in waiting. And waiting may require a deeper faith in God.

Are you prepared to wait upon Him?

Today is THANKFUL THURSDAY and I will be hosting your thankful posts here this month. Today I am thankful that He is with me even in the long waiting periods of my life. What are you thankful for? Link up with us below and share with us what you are grateful for this week!


Ellen Stumbo said...

As a mom of kids with special needs, I spend a lot of time waiting at doctor's offices. I think your heart for ministry for those waiting at hospitals is beautiful!

Cami said...

I am absolutely prepared!! <3

grace said...

Im so blessed with your article.. Soar up high for jesus

Denise said...

Well written, bless you.

bp said...

What a wonderful word Laurie! Thank you for sharing. I like the ministry idea as well.

Ms. Kathleen said...

You wrote this just for me :) I can tell. I don't mind sharing either :) Thank you Lord! My eyes got very misty reading that scripture from the Lord. We've been waiting for our house to sell, for our children to come back to the Lord... And at times I do feel so very tired.

On another note, that is an awesome ministry idea. I will surely share it.

God Bless You! Have a wonderful day!

Laurie Collett said...

Waiting on the Lord -- so difficult sometimes, yet so essential if we want His best for our lives. Thanks for the great post & for hosting the link-up!
God bless,

lorig said...

Waiting such a difficult thing to do and yet in the waiting God works. Without it we get ahead of Him and lack strength and wisdom. I so often try to run ahead. Some day I will learn to wait. Thank you for the reminder.

Lauren said...

Waiting is so hard. I actually just posted earlier this week about growing patience. Very well written!