Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Passion vs. Paycheck

Recently I read a survey in BusinessWeek that said 80% of people hate their job. The article that I was reading was entitled "Passion or Paycheck". The title caught my eye and after reading on I found it quite strange that the writer was implying that we had to choose one over the other.

Even though I believe there are many people working in a vocation that they really have grown to dislike, perhaps because it has just become mundane for them or possibly their gifts and passions have shifted, I also believe that choosing a paycheck over passion is not necessary.

When I think of someone who does something that they really love, I think of a musician. Many times to get their start, these artists must stand on a corner, sometimes for hours with absolutely no pay or low pay. But despite the pay, they play with all of their soul and might with hopes that one day they will be noticed and get their BIG break!

After reading the article in BusinessWeek it bothered me to think that there are so many people who serve me that according to the survey hate to! Waiters at a restaurant dislike waiting on me. Daycare workers dislike my children. Nurses dislike nursing me. Mailmen dislike delivering my mail. On and on the list could go...Doing something that you don't like is foreign to me because I LOVE what I do. No wonder so many people are stressed to the max! If they are doing something they HATE for 40+ hours a week, they cannot be very happy in other areas of their life. Because stress often times doesn't just remain where the stress begins...it trickles down in all other areas of our life.

I have found that when you love what you do and have a passion and heart to do it well, the stress that comes with the job doesn't seem so stressful at all. Loving what you do gives you some control in your life, instead of your job controlling you.

I guess this is what Paul speaks about in the book of Philippians...

"Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am." (Philippians 4:11)

The problem with the discontent that is found in our work places is that discontent or lack of passion also permeates in other areas of our life including giving service to our Lord. Many times if things are not exactly as we think it should be in our church ministries, we tend to look at our "paycheck" instead of our "passion."

"The pastor wants me to come to a organizing meeting on Tuesday night? Is it not enough that I give my time Sunday morning teaching Sunday School, Sunday night singing in the choir and Wednesday night helping with the youth...now he wants me on a Tuesday too?"

The passion of serving Christ, serving your church and serving others is not keeping a time sheet of your work. The passion of a servants heart is loving what you do and doing it no matter what. Never looking to be noticed and "discovered" but simply serving because it is what God has called you to do.

If you have found yourself to be discontent in serving God or serving others, it may be time to go to the head of the class...and allow the Teacher (God) to revive your heart and spirit.

Passion vs. Paycheck? You may find yourself to be like a musician, full of passion, but with the help of God the rewards of your labor will certainly pay off.