Thursday, July 14, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY...refreshment!

You know when you live in the south and the hot summer temperatures peak over 100 degrees, there is only one thing to do to cool down. Well OK, maybe 3. Sit in the nice cold air conditioning, take a dip in the pool or drink a tall iced cold glass of lemonade!

I get so parched in the heat. Some things just don't quench my thirst. Not a coke, not juice, not milk. But when I take a big drink of iced cold water or ice cold lemonade, I feel so refreshed.

Truth of it is, my spirit gets parched from time to time. When things get so busy at my house and I find it hard to spend time with God, my thirst for Him increases. Sometimes what I need to do is turn off the distractions, put my feet up and just quench my thirst with a big tall dose of His Spirit.

Now doesn't that sound refreshing?

1 Thessalonians 5:19 "Do not quench the Holy Spirit."

When we see the word "quench" in scripture, it means "suppress" or "extinguish". When we do not allow the fire of God to rise up in us, (the Holy Spirit) then we are taking a risk of quenching His Spirit in us, and without His Spirit, fresh and anew in us, it is difficult to fight off the heat of the enemy as he prowls around to deceive and destroy us.

Don't let the heat (devil) burn you up, instead, get you some refreshment....drink in some of God's Word and allow His Spirit to breathe freshness into your soul today.

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Pamela said...

God never fails to refresh me when I go to Him. Sometimes I look for refreshment in the world and it never satisfies. I'm learning to go to God first!

Debbie said...

Although air conditioning and a cold lemonade sound great, you're so right. There's nothing that satisfies than spending time with the Lord. How thankful I am to have the freedom to do so.

Blessings and love,

Rocks @ Made to Worship said...

Drinking from God's word is the most refreshing drink ever :)

Happy Thankful Thursday!