Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A PIECE OF MY HEART...do I know you?

Have you ever had someone come up and ask you, "Don't I know you?" Something about the person seems familiar but you are not sure if you know them or not. Sometimes something triggers a memory and you share a moment of reflection with each other.

Lately, I have had to ask myself this very question in regard to some relationships I have..."Do I know you?" People who I have known for years have turned out to be something other than what I thought. I thought that I knew them, but in reality, I didn't know them at all.

This reality check has caused me to wonder, "do we really know anyone at all?"

How many of us truly are what we say we are?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to show people the "real" us. But I have always said that it only takes a matter of time before the real person comes to surface. We can only hide our true identity for a season. Eventually what is in our heart and in our mind will come to surface. And when the real "us" comes to life, it can either be something beautiful or it can be the green eyed monster.

"Oh Lord, You have searched me and You know me." PSALMS 139:1

We can fool others about who we really are, but we can never fool God. He sees the dark places of our hearts. He knows every thought. Every thing that is spoken or done in private. He knows the real us. He doesn't need to ask "do I know you?" because He knows every intricate thing about us.

I don't know about you, but knowing God has heard every word I have spoken and seen every deed I have done, makes me peel the mask off. It causes me to be real. Genuine. It propels me to be an authentic Christian.

The world is full of imitations, and when someone stops me and asks, "Do I know you?", I hope my answer can be "yes, you know EXACTLY who I am."

and this has been a piece of my heart today;

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Anonymous said...

u know sister Laurie here lately I have had to look myself in the mirror and ask myself the same question. Do I know myself? And the answer to that is no. My prayer for myself is that God gives me the strength to loose all my dead weight and help me to find myself again. God give me the strength to do ur will. Guide me in my descisons.