Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WORD...change of plans

I look forward to the joy and the blessings that 2011 is going to bring, but in addition to that, I also anticipate some sadness and trials and tears. The hard stuff is never easy to go thru but yet it is what strengthens us and molds us.

Some of us will go into the new year with a plan of making changes in our lives.
We will change some habits. We will change some of our attitudes. and we may even change our appearance. In the last YOUR OPINION MATTERS POLL, I polled the readers the following question, "What are you hoping to change in the new year?" The top 3 answers were:

1. 83% voted and said they hope to lose some weight.
2. Another 83% responded and said that they hope to read God's Word more.
3. 66% voted and said they hope to have more joy.

The poll results made me realize that whether we try to change things about our physical being or change something spiritually, that joy will come from a peace within. We can make all the plans we want for the new year, but the truth is that surprises will always pop up and mess up the plans that we make. We may be surprised by some of it, but God is NEVER surprised. We can do alot of things to make changes but the most important change of all is putting God back in charge of things.

Whenever we look to our plans in life and they seem to disappoint us, may we remember that "God knows the plans He has for us." (Jeremiah 29:11) In the new year, it is my prayer that I will stick to the plan...not mine, but His!

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