Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding worth in our treasure!

Recently I read about a man who found an old blue and white vase while he was cleaning out his attic. Not thinking it was worth too much, he took it to an auction to sell it. He was hoping to get $30 for it, to his amazement, the vase sold for $324,000! It turned out that the old vase that lay in his attic was actually an original fifteenth-century Chinese vase from the Ming dynasty.

Reading this story reminded me about how often people don't see, I just don't see, the value we have in our world. Often times I wonder, "Am I making any kind of a difference teaching this Sunday School class?", or say to myself, "Mary is so much more gifted in that area, I don't need to get involved with that, what could I offer that compares to her great talent?" Truth be told, while we are still laying around in the attic, God already sees the fine and rare qualities in us and He knows exactly the vast worth we have!

In 1 Samuel 30, we can read about the story of David and his soldiers who were returning home from a successful battle. The soldiers were met at the gate by those who had remained to guard the camp and the supplies. Some of the soldiers, carrying some of the goods that they had acquired in the battle, announced that they were not going to give any of the wealth to those who stayed behind.

I love David's response:

"As his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies, they shall share alike." (1 Samuel 30:24)

It doesn't matter if you are the preacher or worship leader out front on stage every Sunday or if you are the one who arrives early and turns on the lights and stocks the toilet paper in the bathroom .... each part is important and everyone has a job to do.

Maybe you feel like what you have to offer is not valuable to the Kingdom of God, but I assure you that when you get to heaven, some of us will surprised to see exactly the impact we have had on others here on earth.

1 CORINTHIANS 3:8 "He who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor."

What may not seem valuable now will later.
 Until then, we must all remain faithful with what God has given us to do!

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