Monday, August 10, 2009


Have you ever been mixed in a very large crowd? Walking but yet bumping into one another? It is so easy to get separated from your group in a large crowd like this or even get lost!

This past week while we were in Orlando, this very thing happened to me! We had gone to Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure and I could not believe how many other people had the same idea as us. There were so many people ... everywhere!

I told the kids to stay close by otherwise we were going to get separated. The kids and I saw Emerils Restaurant and we went over to look in the window where the chefs were cooking but when we turned around ... my husband was nowhere to be found. When I looked out among the people I just knew there would be no way we were going to find him. He was simply lost.

When I was thinking about how we got separated for a brief moment at the amusement park, God pricked my heart and showed me how easily we, His people get lost.

We take a wrong turn.
Make an incorrect decision.
We proceed without Him.

When this happens to us, many times we feel like God is nowhere around. We often times say out loud "God ... where are YOU??" But even in the times that we get turned around and lost ~ God is still there. He never loses sight of us. Never!

PSALM 33:13 "The Lord looks down and sees all mankind."

While we were at the amusement park, it didn't take me long to find my husband. Even though I couldn't see him in the crowd, he was very close by.

Today, you may be in a situation that you can't see the answer or even see God ... but I assure you He is very close by!


Denise said...

Such a great post.

Jennifer said...

Great post, Laurie! I can relate to the crowds at the parks when we were there the week before. Thank goodness, we all had our cell phones and it made it easier to keep up with one another.

As for God...there have been many times in my life that I felt lost and wondered "where are you, God"...each time...God let me know that He was right where I left Him and that He never moved but it was I who wandered away.

Thanks for reminding me to stay close by His side daily.


Karen said...

Amen! This is along the lines of what God was speaking to my heart recently. I am thankful He is a good "Daddy" and keeps His eye and His hand on me!! Thank you for encouraging us