Monday, August 17, 2009


Wow. I certainly do not know how this day got here so quickly! Today is my daughters birthday. She is 14 today.

Have you ever prayed for something so hard and watched how God filled your hearts desire by answering your prayer? That is exactly what happened to me. For 13 years I prayed God would bless me with a daughter, and that is exactly what He did in 1995.

But He didn't just bless me with just any daughter, He blessed me with the most amazing daughter! beautiful, giving, caring, tender hearted, gifted, sensitive, loving, smart and did I mention beautiful?

Today my prayer for Anna is that she would be filled with His love and His joy. That when she needs peace, that she will take her concerns to the Lord and stay in His presence until she receives peace, no matter how long it takes. My prayer for my daughter is that she would change her world for Christ....

Live each minute God's way!
Seek to please God with...

~ the thoughts you choose to think,
~ the words you choose to say,
~ and the actions you choose to take.

let God guide you each step of the way,
Allow God to work in you, mold you and make you.
So His name can be glorified!

I love you!


Denise said...

Birthday blessings to beautiful Anna.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna..yes she is very pretty..I had 2 daughters prayed and believed (matt18:19) and God blessed me with a wonderful son (who is going to be 21 next month) and then blessed me with 2 more girls afterwards..where does time fly they do grow so fast..blessings to you both!!!