Thursday, February 19, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY...for goodness sake!

Thank you IRIS for hosting THANKFUL THURSDAY every week. What a wonderful opportunity to share a grateful heart for the abundance of God's goodness to us.


We tend to say things like "That's good!" whenever we experience something that we really like.

When eating our favorite dessert..."That is good!"
When watching a new movie ..."That was so good!"
When hearing of a new law passed..."That will be good!"

We go thru life, like we are the judges who determine what is good and what is not. We label things as good or bad based on a standard that is inside of ourselves, one that is often shaped by personal preferences or even the culture around us.

PSALM 23:6 "Surely Your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life."

God has shown us exactly what goodness is. God Himself is the standard and the definition of goodness. Moses asked to see God, but God gave him only a glimpse. What was it that Moses saw? God's goodness.

We can't see God without seeing His goodness, and perhaps if we can't see His goodness...then we haven't seen God.

aren't you thankful that God is a good God?

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Laurie Ann said...

God truly does = Goodness. He is good all the time! Great post, Laurie. I loved it. Happy Thankful Thursday!

Angela said...

We can't see God without seeing His goodness, and perhaps if we can't see His goodness...then we haven't seen God.
POWERFUL STATEMENT..Powerful post..thanks for sharing...

Debra said...


Yes, I have seen God's goodness today...I have seen it in the presence of my Jesus who has been with me since I woke up this morning. Love that man!!

Loved your post, my sweet sister. Thank you for your prayers ... I so needed them.

Hugs to you!

June said...

Yes, God is good all the time.
I remember in the scripture Jesus, disciples said, "good master" Jesus
answered "Why do you call me good there is only one good and that is God.

Happy TT


Melanie said...

So thankful for God's goodness! Thanks so for the reminder today.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Esthermay said...

Oh, this is "good."
It's sad, isn't it, how we use American English words in ways that are so unlike their Biblical and Scriptural meaning?
If we could all just speak Greek or Hebrew we might more adequately share our hearts.
Much to think on here.
Happy Thankful Thursday!

saleslady371 said...

What a good word God gave you today about His goodness. And His standard is the best to measure by. Thank you for visiting me and writing such encouraging words. Have a great week.

LauraLee Shaw said...

I often tell my kids, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." Yet, I choose to let many good and perfect things go by without praising Him. Thanks for this reminder.

Mel said...

Good is an overused word but when put in the context of God and goodness then it is perfect.

Denise said...

I praise God for His goodness.

Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for reminding me that it's not my definition of good, but God's that I need to think about. I needed to hear this!