Saturday, February 14, 2009


A day that we intentionally celebrate "Love".

It is totally amazing to me that love has been so good to me. How one man could love one woman as much as my valentine has for the past 28 years. Not too long ago, I was going thru an old box with pictures, newspaper clippings and other "old" stuff. Among the items in the box were all of the love letters that my sweetheart had written me during our courting years. I think I spent hours sitting on the floor reading back over the letters. There is something special when feelings of love and adoration can be put into words. One of the best gifts that my darling husband ever gave me was a journal that he kept for an entire year, expressing each day for an entire year his love and devotion to me and then at the conclusion of the year - he presented me with this beautiful gift of his heart. I thought that this journal was the "ultimate" love letter.

There was someone else that gave me a love letter that I still today cherish. This love letter did not come from my husband. But the words spoken in this love letter were filled with so much love, so much adoration and truth. It is a love letter that I will cherish for all eternity.

It is a love letter from my Father.


~God has written you a love letter as well~

~His love and adoration has been written in a book~

~You can find His journal in the Bible.~

~Look for the letters in red ...
these are God's personal thoughts written just for you~

On this valentines day...
may you experience love like never before!


Beth in NC said...

What a beautiful gift from your husband! Beautiful!

And I LOVE the Father's love letter. It always ministers to my heart.

Happy Valentine's day dear friend.

Mel said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and I agree with you that praying for our leadership on all levels is so so important even if we don't agree.

Anonymous said...

I have a box full of letters and cards my husband gave me too when we first were dating! I'll have to get them out, I havent read them in years.

BoufMom9 said...

Just beautiful. Simply beautiful!
Thank you for reminding me to read my love letters from Him as well tomorrow .

Sherry said...

Wonderful post! I have a box full of letters, cards, and such. I need to pull them out.

Thank God for His love letter to us!!

Happy Valentine's Day!