Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A PIECE OF MY HEART...hot dog anyone?


That is what I like to put on a hot dog. And when I'm feeling really crazy - I might put alittle chili or a slice of cheese on that good 'ole Oscar Mayer!

Recently, I read a story about a man who lived by the side of the road and made a living by selling hot dogs.

  • This man was hard of hearing, so he had no radio.
  • He had impaired vision as well, so he did not read the newspaper.
Despite all of that though, this man sold really good hot dogs!!

He put up signs on the highway advertising his hot dogs and he stood by the side of the road and hollered out - "Do you want to buy a hot dog?". People, lots of people stopped to buy his hot dogs. He had to increase his order of meat and buns and eventually he had to buy a bigger stove to prepare his entree. He was so successful with his hot dog business that he was able to put his son thru college.

College changed his son though. One day his son came home as an educated pessimist. He said to his father, "Dad, haven't you been listening to the radio? Haven't you been reading the newspaper? There is a big recession on right now."

The father thought his son must know what he is talking about. After all, he's been to college and he reads the paper and he listens to the radio; he ought to know. So the father cut down his meat and bun order and he took down his signs on the highway and stopped standing by the road to sell his hot dogs.

Immediately, his hot dog sales fell. He said to his son, "You are right son, we are certainly in the middle of a recession!"

They see the negative side of everything! When they get you to buy into it, the very thing that was helping you be successful now becomes your downfall. Our confidence has a great reward. We must keep it and build upon it. Confidence in oneself is the cornerstone to success.

HEBREWS 10:35 "Do not throw away your confidence; it will be greatly rewarded."


And that's a piece of my heart today;


Melanie said...

Wow... what a great message there is in that story! Thanks for sharing it. Definitely a reminder I needed today.

Debra said...


Loved this post! Negative nellies all around us these days it seems. And while, yes, there are things that are negative..I'm positive Christ knows the answer!

Blessings to you sweet sis!

Sharon said...

Praying for you today.

That is a great story. I've never heard it before. I've read the book "IT" by Craig Groeschel Here's a great quote from this book that goes along the same lines...

"In my observation, ministries that have 'it' tend to be focused on a limited set of targets. They do a few things as if all eternity hinged on their results, and they do these things with godly excellence... Their vision is characterized by specificity. Selectivity. Exclusivity."

Jennifer said...

I loved it! Your story painted a "new" look on a verse that I've heard time and time again.

You're so talented, Laurie! You might not be able to play the piano but boy, are you a great writer :)

Keep them coming...I look forward to them everyday.


Laurie, what a great story!

Blessings and hugs to you today!