Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I had this thankful Thursday post written ahead of time and when I went over to Iris blog and found that she wrote about the same thing ... FREEDOM, no doubt God is reminding us that we have so much to be thankful for!

Once a week, I join IRIS and all of the THANKFUL THURSDAY participants in giving thanks. So far, I have not even gotten close to running out of things to be thankful for. Isn't God good to us?

On this THANKFUL THURSDAY, I would be totally amiss if I did not give thanks to God for the freedoms that as Americans we are so fortunate to have. Independence Day is the American national holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Popular activities on this day include barbecuing and fireworks.

I wonder how often we take the time to stop eating our corn on the cob or lighting our firecrackers to reflect on what this day, July 4th, stands for. Our freedom!


FREEDOM to have my voice heard thru voting in elections!

FREEDOM to come and go without having police barricades stopping me!

FREEDOM to lay my head on my pillow at night without hearing bombing and shelling!

FREEDOM to have a Bible in my home (out in the open) and be able to read it!

FREEDOM to worship my Lord without being persecuted, stoned or killed for doing so!

FREEDOM that our soldiers are fighting for each and every day!

FREEDOM...I do not take IT for granted!

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With a GRATEFUL heart;


Cheryl said...


Great TT list.

Have a blessed TT and a safe 4th of July.

Serendipity said...

We have a lot to be thankful for in freedom. Have a blessed 4th!

Anonymous said...

you are blessed. happy TT and happy 4th of july.

mamasmurf said...

God bless you for sharing your thankful list!
Have a happy 4th July and enjoy the freedoms that go with it!

Susan said...

Happy TT to you Laurie,

Oh, what a great list of things to bless God for!

Thanks for taking time to remind us of all the many "freedoms" we get to experience daily.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Laurie Ann said...

Happy Thankful Thursday and Happy 4th, Laurie! I loved reading your list and getting a glimpse of your heart full of gratitude. God bless you.

sharon said...

Hi Laurie Ann,

The freedom from hearing the sound of bombing and shelling is so real to me. Less than a year ago, where I live was very tense from millitant action (that's what they called themselves...millitants). Anyway, it was not a very pleasant experience and I'm glad its all over.

Thank you for the sweet comment you left at my blog, God bless you and yours.


on the Rock said...

Thank you for sharing your thankful heart!

eph2810 said...

Amen to that, Laurie! I believe that we sometimes forget about the freedom we truly have. I know that there are brothers and sisters around the world that are persecuted for believing Jesus is the only way to heaven...

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Blessings to you and yours this 4th of July weekend.

Peggy said...

Laurie...Praise God for these FREEDOMS! God is so good! And wish I had a sweet corn on the cob...the ones here are not at all like back home-they put mayo and hot pepper on them, of course!Not me...good butter..mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I make a double visit today, so I gotta go catch your TSMSS but didn't realize I missed you on TT!
Hope you are enjoying our precious freedom in Christ as well as a Wonderful 4th of July! Blessings!

Peggy said...

I couldn't find my comment on the sweet corn in TSMSS but here it was in TT...cuz I read your post and didn't see corn on the cob!
Anyways Yes, they put mayo and pepper (not black pepper)
...remember it's Mexico, we're talking chili pepper, salsa pepper, hot pepper almost like tabasco sauce! Anyway, going back to read your's Sunday! Hope you enjoy the day in the Lord and end of this big weekend! Blessings, Peggy