Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LABEL READER... a piece of my heart


Not too long ago my family completed a 21 day Daniel Fast, (a fast that consists of eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for 21 days). It was not so bad, if you LIKE fruits and vegetables. (and I do!) We went on this fast as a family, because we wanted to grow closer to God but also grow closer to one another. I think we all walked away from this commitment with several changes in our habits. One of the things that I changed is reading labels.

I never was before this 21 day fast. It is amazing to me what we are willing to put into our bodies without knowing what it contains. Have you ever considered the amount of sugar that is in a box of cereal? Hint: if the first ingredient is sugar (or anything that rhymes with gross …) it is probably loaded with more sugar than you can imagine.

And what exactly is thiamin mononitrate?
Or pyridoxine hydrochloride?
How about sodium ascorbate?
(I’m not sure these ingredients are even good for us!)

During the 21 days on the Daniel Fast, I found myself affixed on reading labels on everything! If it contained one thing that was even close to sugar or cornstarch, I refused to buy it or eat it.
I was thinking about the newfound hobby I had acquired in label reading and how the grocery store is not the only place that we find people reading labels. Many times, Christians put labels on people.

Does this sound familiar?
Someone who seems to do nothing wrong spiritually
LABEL: super spiritual

People with a big heart to say "yes" and hard time to say "no"
LABEL: Overloaded people who serve

People that we hold up high on a pedestal

LABEL: people with talent

Someone who may turn others away from Christ
LABEL: self righteous

Someone who never gives but always willing to take
LABEL: takers

People who find it hard to accept new Christians/or refuse to reach out to them
LABEL: excluders

Labels do not accurately describe what may be inside. If you are reading a label on a box of cocoa pebbles…the ingredients may sound terrible, but once you open the box and taste of it…YUM!!

The labels that we place on people based on their actions, their talents, or even their attitudes do not always reveal what is inside that person. Everyone (yes even the one who appears self- righteous) has something GOOD inside of him or her.

MATTHEW 7:1,2 "Do not judge lest you be judged. (2) For in the way you judge,you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you."

When it comes to the food I eat, I need to be sure to read labels and WATCH OUT for the bad stuff that my body needs to avoid. However, when it comes to people; I need to AVOID placing labels on them. I need to look for the GOOD STUFF that is just waiting to be opened.


and that's a piece of my heart today!

Blessings, Laurie


Glenda said...

I wished we lived closer where I could get to know you better! I think I would just love you!! :) Becoming a label reader has stressed me out sometimes! We are TRYING to be aware of things that are affecting our health! And your spin on labeling people is sadly so accurate! Thanks for the reminder!

Nancie said...


Thanks for this reminder! How we need the grace of God to exercise much Christian love towards our brethren and the people around us and not to judge one another too quickly. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post and solemn reminder.

Thanks too for stopping by my blog and your encouraging comment. May you have a blessed day!