Thursday, May 4, 2017

DAIKY DEVO...God cares

I've heard it, you've heard it, everyone has heard it and maybe even thought it..."God doesn't care."

Often times when we don't see the writing on the wall or the purpose of our pain, we think God has left us and doesn't care. But that is the farthest thing from the truth.

We have to remember that God is not like us...we are limited, limited in what we can do and limited in our thinking. But God is limitLESS, there is nothing too big for Him.

We may live in a big world, but it's not too big for God. We may not remember every detail but God can. In fact, today's Scripture reading illustrates that...

(Luke 18:29-30) "As He approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called the Mount of Olives, He sent two of His Disciples, saying to them, 'Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.'"

It may seem insignificant to you, but here is a fascinating point found in scripture that shows that every single detail is important to God.

(Luke 19: 32) "Those who were sent ahead went and found it just as He had told them."

There is nothing hidden from God's view.  If He can see ahead to a town, where a colt awaits to be found exactly as He said, then what is it to Him to see what lies ahead for you and me?

God does care. He cares about you and He cares about me. He even cares about the unknown colts waiting to be found.

Trust God for what you cannot see because God is the One Who holds the whole wide world in His Hands.


TODAY'S SCRIPTURE READING: Judges 9:24-10:18, Luke 19:29-48, Psalm 74:18:23

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