Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life is a test

Everyone has a test of one kind or another. I guess you could say that life is nothing but a test. This has been true ever since the great saints first experienced it and still remains true today.

Abraham and Sarah were told by God to leave their home and travel to a land that God hadn't even revealed to them. Surely, this was a test of their faith. I live in Arkansas and I don't know if God told me to uproot and follow Him to an unknown place, how easy it would be. Sure, moving to Florida or some other sunny place would be doable, but what if He led me to a foreign place like Thailand or Ethiopia? I can only imagine the stories to share of how God led me by faith to move the mountains (and oceans) out of the way to reach my destination.

The Bible is full of testimonies. Daniel had a testimony that involved the lions den, Kind David's testimony came from the hands of Goliath, Joseph's testimony took him from the pit to the palace. The Bible, as I see it, is nothing but testimony after testimony; divided into two books.

Tests (trials, tribulations, problems) or whatever you want to call them, are very normal. Most people view them as interruptions or a bother but people have been enduring tests for all time. If the saints of the Bible experienced them, why should we be any different?

The tests of life is what stretches us. I am who I am today because of the difficulties I have overcome. I know some people who do all they can to avoid the tests (the bumps) along the way, but life is all about the tests and the rewards for enduring them ... our life is our testimony.

Testimonies in a courtroom can give a life or death sentence. Likewise, what we do with our testimony can do the same. The Bible says in the book of Revelation that we conquer Satan "by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony." (Revelation 12:11) The word of our testimony can transform doubt into faith. Our testimony can literally turn someone towards Christ or away from Him. It's really up to us how we use the tests in our life.

When you have a testimony from God, it will be hard to keep it quiet. You will want to tell everyone what the Lord has done. A testimony from God will make sleeping in a lions den easy;  it will make walking thru the fiery furnace a breeze and a testimony from God will never be kept to yourself.

I don't know what kind of test you are enduring right now, but I do know from experience, that God is giving you a tremendous testimony that will speak life to someone one day. Just remember, a "testimony" without a test is just "imony".

Life is nothing but a big test, how are you doing with yours?


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