Monday, January 18, 2016

DAILY DEVO...are you a Mary or Martha?

If we would need to pick a team to serve on, I wonder which side you'd be on ...the Mary or Martha side?
If you are like Mary; you are probably more contemplative. You may seek discipline, silence, solitude, praying and maybe journaling every thought or idea.
Now, all you Martha's out there; you probably would be described as "active". You like to get things done. You are a doer and you may gravitate towards things that are active like preaching, teaching, serving, administration and making dreams become reality.
Martha wants to do things: do the dishes, do the laundry, get the task done.
Mary just wants to be: be with Jesus, be teachable, be humble, be present. 
Both Mary and Martha are worry warts, but in different ways. Mary is worried about the relationship..."did I get my time with Jesus?" "Did I listen?" "Was I humble enough?"
Martha, on the other hand is more worried about responsibilities. The check-list is never ending.
I'm not sure if you are more like Mary, with a full heart or more like Martha, tending to your full schedule. But it is no secret that we live today in a Martha world; full of technology and working to get ahead and doing what is good for us and our own. Living in a Martha world has caused us to work more, pray less and become stressed out and maxed out.
I don't really think God created this wonderful world to become Martha-ized completely. We need alittle bit of both Mary and Martha to be successful servants. After all, God built this world to be a "Mary" world (worship first) with Martha moments (work hard).
So, I must ask you today: Do you put God first or second? Do you put more effort into worship or more on getting the details done first?
You are either on the Mary team or the Martha team, which side will you choose?
(Read about Mary and Martha in Luke Chapter 10)

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