Friday, December 4, 2015

TODAY'S DAILY... The blame game

Have you ever played the blame game? You know, the "he said, she said" monopoly game of life whenever things go sour and we wish things had a different outcome?

When I was a very young child my parents got a brand new leather chair, back then, that was a costly purchase. One day, while our parents were at work, a sibling challenged me to see if I could cut through the tough leather. With a big butcher knife in hand, I found not only could I cut through the to...ugh leather but I could easily make several slices!

Later, when our parents came home and saw the damage, the blame game went into action!
God doesn't want His children to do wrong but when they do, He expects them to own up to their responsibility and admit their part.

Far too often, we shift the responsibility off of ourselves and on to someone or something else. We want to blame others for our mistakes by claiming, “If only he or she had not made me do it" or "if they would have just listened to me".

No one can fix the mistakes that you make except you. So forget about what "he said, she said", instead focus on what YOU SAID!

If we mess up, admit it; ask for forgiveness; take responsibility and move on! The blame game just does not work with God’s plan for our lives.

Jesus never said, “If you had not been so hardheaded, I COULD HAVE avoided the cross.” NO, He knew the responsibility God had given Him, and He was determined to be faithful. When we shift the blame to others so that we appear blameless, it kind of defeats why Jesus took a nail for you and me.
Blaming others for what is our responsibility keeps us in bondage and we can never truly be free. God sent His Son so we could be free, so why are you blaming others for the things that could easily give you freedom?

Admit your mistakes, ask quickly for forgiveness and don't blame others for what is in your control.

"Teach me Your way, O Lord; lead me in a straight path." (Psalm 27:11)

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