Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WORD ...stop for directions

I think alot of people are going thru life without having any clear understanding of what their purpose is. We all have dreams and goals for our future, but what happens when some of those dreams go unfulfilled? Many times it leaves us feeling empty or aimless.

I have a friend that makes every decision on a whim. He has no clear direction in his life, he goes from job to job, relationship to relationship and just seems to wander thru life with no purpose. I wonder how many times I fall into this trap as a Christian? Living as though I have no direction or purpose.

David writes, "He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake." (Psalm 23:3b)

To lead someone or something, you must have a concept of destination.
 A good leader will have a specific goal and plan. When I think about the Shepherd leading me, He clearly has a destination in mind! But in this particular passage in Psalms, David says that He will "guide" me! Guiding is all about the process not the destination, it is about the journey!

God is walking alongside me, guiding me thru the curves and ruts of life. He guides each footstep, never leaving my side. There is no doubt that God can guide us, the question is will we let Him?

So many times we ask ourselves, "I don't know what to do? If only God would give me some guidance!" But the truth is God is willing to guide us but we often times refuse to follow Him. When I wander around aimlessly, it is usually because I have come to rely completely on my self-direction instead of the loving, guiding hand of God.

Self-direction is never fulfilling.
We can't have it both ways - it is either our way or His way. Finding purpose once again may mean we need to make different choices! Whose leading will you follow?


The Paper Princess said...

Dear Laurie

I have read several of your posts and your blog is awesome! I have signed on as a new follower and newsletter subscriber. I'd be delighted if you joined me at Create With Joy!

Have a blessed week!

Krista said...

wow, how neat! I am in the middle of writing about direction lol!!! :)

That's right. We can't rely on our ourselves for directions. We have got to follow Him to guide us. Amen!

Love Ya,