Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...hide and seek

When my boys were young, one of the greatest things we did was play hide and seek in the house! We lived in a 2-story older home and it had some incredible hiding spots. We would turn off all of the lights and the boys would all try to get into the darkest, most hidden spot they could find. It wasn't rare to find them deep in one of the walk in closets, sitting up on a shelf with blankets all around them. They thought they were sneaky and could escape the eyes of the seeker! lol

The seeker was very clever though! The seeker was me!

Jeremy, who was very small was always the one to give themselves away. Even daddy would be hiding with him, he would cover Jeremy's mouth so he would not giggle or make some sort of noise that would give their hidden spot away. But I was too clever for that ... I was the master mind of seeking in the game of hide and seek!

After awhile of not finding them, all I had to do was say ..."Jeremy...I have some ice cream? Do you want some ice cream Jeremy?" (said in a very enticing voice)

IMMEDIATELY... squirming and laughing and the sound of running little feet could be heard. BAM! It worked every time, no one could escape and hide from me! (well, not as long as there was ice cream and Jeremy involved in the game!)

PSALM 139:7 "I can never escape from Your Spirit! I can never get away from Your Presence!"

Many times we play a game of hide and seek with God.
Except with Him, He does not use trickery to find us. We try to hide in our darkest corners and escape His eye but truth is that God knows where we are at all times. He sees us when we are down in the valley and He sees us when we are up on top of the mountain. He sees us when we are deep in our sin and He sees us when we are on our face, repenting before Him. He sees us when we are sad, happy, angry, disappointed, discouraged, and lost. There is no place dark enough for us to escape His eye, or His love!

No matter how hard we try to escape and hide from Him, we can never get away from the outstretched hand of His Sweet Spirit. He longs to bring us out of the darkness into His light, so we can forever enjoy the sweetness (the ice cream) of His embrace!

Isn't it time to stop playing hide and seek with God?

and this has been a piece of my heart today;


Karen said...

I loved your illustration. Thank you for lifting up the name of Jesus on your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Well said and thanks for sharing!