Friday, September 3, 2010

Remember Me?

I am forever forgetting things! I chalk it up as "old age" setting in. But I don't know how much it is that or that I am just forgetful. Do you ever forget where you put your car keys? How about walking into a room and totally forgetting why you are there? Sometimes, I even come up short on remembering people's names, now how bad is it when I cannot remember family member names? I can relate to this story of the farmer:

A farmer was showing his visiting city-friend around his farm.

“Watch this!” he said.

 He gave a whistle and his little dog came running from the house, herded the cattle into the corral, then latched the gate with her paw.

“Wow, that’s some dog — what’s her name?”

The forgetful farmer thought for a minute and then asked,

“What do you call that red flower that smells good and has thorns on the stem?”

“A rose?”

“That’s it!” The farmer turned to his wife. “Hey Rose, what do we call this dog?”

I guess it is funny how we all forget things. But I highly doubt that God finds it funny when we forget things about Him, and how He blesses us. When things are going badly for us, it is easy to mumble and grumble about how God has forgotten us, but really, the forgetful one is us! We forget all of the times that He has provided, the times He has healed us, the times He has forgiven us, the times He has comforted us, and all of the times that He has stood closer than a brother.

When I read about the children of Israel and their journeys through the wilderness for forty years, I see how God provided wonderful miracles for them. He fed them daily with manna, guided them by a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day, and He parted the Red Sea!

So how is it, then, that the Israelites became so hard-hearted towards God? Could it be that they forgot about the miracles and they took God's amazing power for granted?

It is so easy for us to point the finger at those that forget important things, especially people like the Israelites. But don't we do the same thing? Sure, we can all excuse the things that we forget in our day-to-day life, but what excuse could we possibly have for forgetting the miracles that God has done in our lives?

Can you recall a time that God performed a miracle in your life?
  • Think about that time God provided a need?
  • How about that time He brought you through a trial?
  • Have you ever been healed from a sickness?
  • Has someone come into your life and encouraged you just at the right moment?
 God had a hand in all of these things. We need to remember and reflect on His goodness and His timing!

PSALM 111:4 "He has made His wonderful works to be remembered."

May we keep our spiritual memory intact and remember that God loves us so much that He never forgets who we are. His chosen people!


Toyin O. said...

Help us to remember your goodness in our life Jesus.

Krista said...

Laurie, I can relate :) lol I am so forgetful. We do sometimes forget what all God has done for us. What all he has brought us through. He has done so much for me in my life, I never want to forget those things!

Brandi said...

I wrote a post just yesterday about seeing my blessings in the midst of a trial. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog this morning!

I just read through Exodus and was stunned at some of the things the Israelites did, even as they were right in the midst of God! But, it's quite humbling to realize that we do the same things...and we too have the living God in our presence at all times.

Thank you for your inspiring words!


becky aka theRAV said...

Wow! I forgot to post my TT yesterday and read this today. Very powerful. At 1st I was thinking like you only sometimes I think I have alzheimer's with my forgetfulness! LOL Then when I read the rest of what you wrote. This is one of your best posts, Laurie. Thank you for writing it and reminding forgetful us.

Denise said...