Monday, July 5, 2010

May we never forget!

Backyard BBQ'S, parades and fireworks. All of it makes for a wonderful celebration of Independence Day!  I hope that your weekend included some family fun as you celebrated your freedom.

Fireworks always make me feel proud to be an American. As the sky is lit up with the magnificent colors and the sound of each one going - it always make me think of the freedoms that I have always known because of of this great Country I live in. Realizing that in some countries, freedom is not something that is available, certainly not celebrated.

Celebrating the 4th is much more for me than just having hot dogs, lighting fireworks and waving the flag ... Independence Day is remembering that our right to life and our pursuit of happiness really comes from God.

May we never forget where our freedoms come from!


Karen said...

Amen! Sweet freedom in Christ....

Denise said...