Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A PIECE OF MY HEART...I'll leave the light on for ya!

One of my favorite memories of my children when they were young happened on saturday mornings. The one day that we (my hubby and me) had to sleep in, the kids would rise early and clad in their pj's would come to our room and climb up in our bed with us. We would cuddle, talk and watch tv while we all laid out in our bed.

That memory often times comes alive again now that my kids are grown up. It never fails ... just when we are settled in our pj's and about to turn the light out, our grown sons while home visiting, will come into our room and crawl into the bed with us and talk. It's pretty amazing how we all lay across our bed and talk about really important issues in their lives and at other times, we just laugh about something funny that we have recalled.

It doesn't take long either ... if one is in our room visiting with us, the rest will soon follow. What a sight to see ~ all of us sprawled out on our bed. What a wonderful feeling!

This weekend, when our son and daughter were sprawled out in our bedroom with us talking, I was reminded that it is in the dark of the night, when we need our Heavenly Father that we can call out His name and He is right there in our bedroom with us. We don't have to get up and find Him in another room, He is with us right where we are.

MATTHEW 11:28 "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

One thing that I have learned with our kids is that they may need to come in and get sprawled out on our bed at all hours of the night to talk. Even if we have drifted off to sleep, we want them to know that our light is always on for them. Isn't that a neat way to remember how God is always here for us ... He always has a light on for us. It never burns out, blows up, or blows a fuse. His light is eternal and everlasting.

Do you need to crawl up and have alittle talk with Jesus?


Beth in NC said...

That is beautiful Laurie. What precious memories. <3

Debbie said...

This was great Laurie. My kids have always done such a similiar thing. This last week-end when Mel was home she of course wondered in and soon we were sprawled out on the bed talking. Pretty soon here came my youngest son with his cup of coffee wondering what he was missing. He and his family were downstairs and had spent the night too. He immediately joined us and we all immediately began talking and remembering stories from long ago. Today when I awoke and realized they have left again for their own homes I felt sad. And yet your post reminded me that it's true. The door is ALWAYS open to them and the light is ALWAYS on. How much more so is it that our Lord is ALWAYS there for us just waiting for our visits? Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day. Blessings, Debbie

Denise said...

I love my little talks with Jesus.

Karen said...

I loved this. We are never too big to sit in God's lap!