Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Several years ago, I was honored to be selected for jury duty. (ahem) Some of you have also been honored to do that as well ... what a very interesting experience. If you have not been selected yet, you just don't know what you are missing!

To my surprise, in an over crowded room of potential jurors, my number was just the 2nd one to be picked. What luck was that!

As all of the potential jurors were called forward, we then listened to the charges. Certainly, a family dispute or possibly a drug bust would be our case to hear. I remember how all of our mouths dropped when the charges were read... a triple murder case.

Sitting on that jury for a week was really interesting and enlightening for me. The entire aspect of the courtroom just fascinated me. From the jury to the judge to the lawyers. It all reminded me of one of my favorite shows growing up...Perry Mason.

I loved Perry Mason. Not only did he always win his cases, but he also always seemed to line up clients who really were innocent! He also had this ability to be tricky ... he was always able to get the guilty party to break down on the stand and confess to everything!!

Some people just need to have an intercessor like Perry Mason or more modern day ...Matlock. It is always good to have someone like this in our corner, fighting for justice and interceding on our behalf.

In last week's YOUR OPINION MATTERS POLL, I polled the readers the following question: "Where in your life do you most need an intercessor right now?" The top 3 responses were:

1. 66% of those voting said they need an intercessor with their children.
2. 16% voted and said they need an intercessor in their marriage.
3. Another 16% said they need an intercessor with the law.

No matter who we are, we all come to a point in our life where we will need an intercessor. Someone to intercede on our behalf. Great lawyers and attorneys such as Mason or Matlock are only around for a short while. In fact, all we have left of those two great intercessors are re-runs!

Jesus, however, is a priest, an intercessor that will be around not just for a short time but He will be around for eternity!

HEBREWS 7:23-25 "Now many have become (Levitical) priests, since they are prevented by death from remaining in office. But because He remains forever, He holds His priesthood permanently. Therefore He is always able to save those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them."

Any intercessor or mediator needs to be able to connect with both parties with whom they are interceding. To negotiate for example between business and labor, one must know how a business needs to be run but also they must understand the needs of the employees.

Jesus is the perfect intercessor between God and us because He was both the Son of God and man. His eternal and divine character makes Him the perfect intercessor for us with God.


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