Monday, June 26, 2017

DAILY DEVO...change your tune


When I was younger and my attitude wasn't what it needed to be, my Momma would tell me, "change your tune".

I suppose that could be some sound advice for us today as well. Sometimes our attitude can get alittle off key and the "woe is me" tune needs alittle "I'm happy and I know it" applied. 

We've been reading in the book of Psalms and it is here that I have noticed that it speaks a lot of "sing a new song unto the Lord." Today's Scripture reading  says it again...

(Psalm 96:1) "Sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the Lord, all the earth." 

Today I would like to bring your attention to a key part of today's passage: 

"A new song"

Too many people get caught up in the argument of WHAT songs to sing. Like in church, some want to sing the hymns while others want more contemporary music. I want you to see what God showed me about today's doesn't matter the style, it only matters about the heart. 

Music is a wonderful way to connect to God and He speaks to me thru the words of music. But sometimes the words become repetitive and the message loses its meaning. Not because of the musician playing or the vocalist singing or because God isn't in the song anymore; but because my attitude has gotten off key.

When you come to a place where you can't worship God or sing His praises; it is time for a NEW song to sing. Not a song of yesteryear or woe is me but a new song of what's to come, a new song of praise and victory! 

Ask God today to put a new song in your heart… a song of praise to Him and watch how quickly your "tune will change."


TODAY'S SCRIPTURE READING: 1 Kings 16:21-18:19, Acts 2:1-21, Psalm 96:1-8 

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