Friday, March 31, 2017

LACED WITH GRACE...stand out, don't just fit in

This weekend I will be taking our youth group to participate in this years state competition for Fine Arts. It is one of the moments that as a youth pastor makes me proud. Obviously, I am proud that these young people are using the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with for His glory but more than that, I am proud to see these young people taking a stand instead of trying to fit in.
We live in such a time that youth (and adults) seem to do whatever it takes to “fit in”. From finding the right look, to hanging with the right crowd to keeping up with the “Jones”. But it has been my experience that whenever we try to keep up appearances, we usually trade peace with anxiety, acceptance for disappointment and contentment for worry.
For the Christian youth (and adults), the focus of life should not be on “fitting in” but rather on “standing out”. In order to accomplish that we all need to make a choice…the path that we choose will determine which side of the road we travel.
The best example of those who took the right road to travel were the twelve disciples…they chose to stand out from the rest. Think about these guys; they were just ordinary men, living the norm up until they were asked to follow Jesus. The difference between them and all the others that were just trying to “fit in” came down to their determination to follow Christ. No doubt, this decision did not win them the popular vote but they followed their heart in despite of that.
The things you have heard from me among many witnesses. Commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)
Despite the obstacles, fear and challenges that these men endured, following Christ brought them to a place of peace and hope in which they were able to turn around and teach to others…instead of fitting in, they stood out for Christ.
You might ask, how are these young people “standing out” as they sing or play an instrument at a Fine Arts competition? There are many other things they could be doing on a Friday night – they could be at a party or hanging with the wrong crowd but each of these young Christians made a choice; they chose to not be like the others, instead, to follow Christ.
May the Lord bless you and me as we “stand out” for Him.
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