Monday, May 4, 2015

TODAY'S DAILY...everyone wants to be first!

When I was still in school, as a young child, everyone wanted to be picked "first" for the team. I seldom was. But everyone wants to be picked first for something! First to reach the top of the mountain during a climb, first one across the finish line, first one in line at a concert. 

So many firsts, but yet, the one "first" that I don't think I would have wanted was to be the first mother. I'm glad Eve took that spot for all of us girls.

With Mothers Day coming up, I was thinking about Eve and all of the things she went without. She didn't have a Lamaze coach, no pregnancy books, she didn't have a mother or mother in law to help with laundry after delivery, she had no midwife, no other mothers to have mommy days out with, no childcare facility to apply to. She didn't even have a Babies-R-Us to register at.

Poor Eve!

"And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living." -Genesis 3:20

But even without all of that, the first mother set the tone for all mothers to come. She loved her children. She laughed with them, grew up with them and even cried with them and for them. The first mother had to bury one of her sons, a death that came at the hands of another son.

I don't envy the first mother at all, but yet, I see that our own mothers and I, as a mother, have become a lot like her. Feeling the emotions that she felt, from giving birth to living as a Grandmother, and all of the in-between.

Being "first" isn't really something we should crave, after all, it isn't always the best thing for us to be first. Instead, the best thing is concentrating on Who is first in our lives. Make sure Christ is the center of your world, living a life that is Christ-centered will ensure that you are number one (first) in the eyes and hearts of those watching you.

Whether you are a mother or if you call someone mother...put God first in all that you do!

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