Friday, February 20, 2015


TODAY I shared the following devotion with the readers of LACED WITH GRACE.

Winter is here!

No doubt, wherever you live, you have felt the effects of Mr. Freeze. Cold temperatures. Snow. And ice. Normally, living in the south means we can count on one hand the wintry storm advisory’s we get, this week has been one of those times.

This transplanted southern girl knows a thing or two about winter, growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin or what we called “The Frozen Tundra”, I’ve seen my share of snow blizzards. But you haven’t seen anything until you experience a good olé ice storm in the south.

Solid ice everywhere. On the streets, hanging from the trees and weighing down rooftops. Ice is powerful. It is thick. It is slippery. And it is heavy. I’ve seen rooftops cave because of it, I’ve seen schools and businesses close down because of it and I’ve seen power lines snap causing city-wide blackouts because of it.

The longest we went without power in an ice storm was 8 days. That was a few years ago. Can you imagine: single digit temperatures with no electricity, no heat, no stove to cook on, food spoiling in refrigerator and no way to charge your cell phone except in the running car! Without power, we are so restricted and we are lost!

As hard as it was to survive 8 days without power, I cannot imagine how people think they can manage one day without the power of God!
Who are kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time.” -1 Peter 1:5
Story has it that the apostle Peter lived all his life in the power of God, from Pentecost to his death. That alone is remarkable to me, for many of us, the Christian life is up one minute and down the next. Through all of Peters ups and downs, he continued to walk in the power of God, all the way until the end.

The above mentioned scripture I believe is a key to being able to stay in the right place with God and His power. Think about it, the Apostles were men of power. They were KEPT by the power of God.

What can “keep” us in the power today? FAITH!

Believing keeps us in the power of God. This was Peter’s secret, he believed. Without power, we are limited. Not just physically, but spiritually. You and I cannot survive, we will not finish the race, unless we have the power of Jesus Christ in our lives.

I do not want to get caught in a storm without power. How about you… are you feeling restricted or lost or do you have His power to weather your storm?

PRAYER: “Dear Lord, help me today to receive Your power and walk boldly in faith today, tomorrow and the rest of the days of my life. Days will come that will feel like a storm, but Your power WILL see me thru. By the power of God, thank You for keeping me!” AMEN

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