Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A PIECE OF MY HEART...the vote is in

The vote is in and many Americans are shocked, disappointed and worried. All throughout my news feed on face book tonight I read comments such as "we are doomed", "Who wants to move to New Zealand with me?" "Heart is heavy!" "How dumb are we to vote him in again." Sadly enough, most of the comments I read were from the christian community.

As much as I believe that it is the Christians responsibility to get out and vote, I believe even more than that, that we have a responsibility to pray for our nation and our President and his team. It doesn't really matter if we voted for him or even if we like him, it is our responsibility to pray.

"Blessed is the nation Whose God is Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance. Blessed are the people whose God is Lord." -Psalm 33:12

Every time we sing "God bless America", we are singing a blessing on our country. How can we ask God to bless this nation in its present state of heart and soul?

How we do that is by praying that we can be a nation that is blessable by God. We can pray that God will do what only He can do...change the hearts of kings that they will follow after Him and obey His Word.

Like never before, we truly need God to bless the USA...but we have to place our trust and hope in Him, not a man, not a party but in God. We have to return to what this nation was founded on...IN GOD WE TRUST!

Instead of complaining, lets get to praying.


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Kathleen said...

God likes to keep us on our knees... I wasn't at all surprised by the election results. It is what I expected and as long as GOD is on the throne we will be fine- that doesn't mean things will be easy though! Great post Lauri!

Oh, are you and Iris still doing Thankful Thursday? I couldn't find it last week :(

Bless You!