Tuesday, August 21, 2012

God does not lie!

One of the most amazing things is trusting and believing someone whom we have never met. We will do the most interesting things based upon the word of complete strangers. If you have ever traveled abroad, you know exactly what I mean.

Five years ago, my husband and I went to Europe for our 25th Anniversary. The travel agent booked everything, and upon our arrival, the tour guide would meet us at the airport and shuttle us to our hotel and later, guide us on our tours of Rome, London and Paris.

Upon the word of our travel agents, around 25 of us travelers committed ourselves to the word of complete strangers...and believe it or not, their word came true. We were met at the airport like promised and we were whisked away onto the traveler bus and taken to our hotel. Everything that we had hoped would happen in a foreign land, happened.

Even still, it was still a pretty risky adventure. What would we have done if someone did not keep their word? How would we find our way in a foreign land?

We entrust ourselves to people we do not even know so easily sometimes, but yet, we struggle entrusting ourselves to God. We take the word of complete strangers but still do not believe the Word of God.

Isn't God more dependable than any man?

1 John 5:10 "Anyone who does not believe God, has made Him out to be a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God has given about His Son."

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, it is God-breathed. It is the testimony of His power and goodness written down by eyewitnesses that not only heard but saw the miracles of God. This combined with the seal of the Holy Spirit upon the Word gives enough evidence to me that the Word of God is indeed believable.

But can you exercise your faith based upon this?

According to John, if you don't, then you are calling God a liar. I don't know about you, but I would much rather entrust my life in His hands than the hands of a complete stranger, in a foreign land.

We can take Gods Word for face value...it is the Truth, the whole Truth...nothing but the Truth! So help me, God!