Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A PIECE OF MY HEART...broken and damaged

The other night before going to bed I discovered a small spot of water on the floor. It was a strange place for one of our dogs to have a potty accident I thought, as it was up in a corner between our kitchen and the hallway. As I got a rag to clean it up, I realized that the more I wiped, the more water that appeared. It was at that moment that I realized the spot of water was only an indication of a slightly larger problem that was unseen.

After some investigation, we discovered a pipe under the kitchen sink had a leak and apparently it had been leaking for awhile. Since it was a hidden problem, it didn't really come to surface until the damage was done. The damage in this case was that the water had been running down underneath our hardwood floor in the hallway. It was now so saturated with water that it had no where to go but up and out of the seams of our beautiful wood floor. The damage had already been done.

Having to rip up my beautiful wood floor just sickens me. Not to mention, feeling afraid of what we might find still hidden underneath the floor. Will their be even more extensive damage to the floor? Will there be a broken pipe under the house that we are not aware of?

All of this water damage made me realize that broken relationships are not much different than a broken pipe. Often times, we do not become estranged with loved ones over night, but it is a slow process, much like a slow leak. Slowly over years, unkind words are spoken, trust is broken, jealousy takes root, love becomes a bitter sore until one day everything just bursts! And like a pipe that can no longer handle the stress of overload, relationships burst and become damaged.

In today's society it seems like relationships are not what they use to be. Every where you look it seems like the demise of  relationships are evident; broken friendships, marriages ending in divorce, family taking family to court over small monetary issues, etc. Many would say that money is the root of all of this evil.

 I disagree.

Even though money can be a stronghold in our lives, in our friendships and in our marriages, I do not believe that money is the root of the problem. Strife and division in relationships are because Satan knows very well that if he can weaken our family, our friendships, our commitments that he can weaken us.

Often times, he strikes us in ways that we are not even aware of. When this goes unrecognized and not dealt with, it is only a matter of time before there is an eruption and the damage will not be able to be contained.

This not only happens in our family relationships, but I have seen firsthand, how this happens in our christian relationships. Jealousy, bitterness and offense can build up in ones heart and like a pipe bursting, relationships in church can be severed or severely damaged. If this happens to you, it may seem like the damage is contained to just you but it isn't. Like the water that was unseen under my floorboard, the damage that occurs when brothers come against brothers often is unseen as well. It doesn't take long for the damage to trickle to others.

 If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. (1 John 4:20)

I wonder, if our love for God was gauged upon the love (true love) that we have for those around us, how deep would it be?

The funny thing about water is that depending upon the circumstances, it can either by damaging or it can be fun. Water in a swimming pool is exhilarating, while water under a floor board is devastating. In the same sense, how does your love in your relationships measure...devastating or exhilarating?

It is my prayer that God would give each of us the ability to have the exhilarating kind of love for all those around us, even those who have hurt us. Nothing good can come from feeling broken and damaged. Let God fix all of the leaks of your heart today.

And this has been a piece of MY heart today;


Denise said...

Well done my friend.

honestoakley said...

Thank you for posting this today~ It seems as though I really needed to read it! Have a blessed day! ~