Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A piece of my heart....Putting fish in a jar!

We have a small fishbowl with just one fish. We inherited the fish from a friend who had fishbowls on the table at their wedding. We have never really had any luck at keeping fish alive for long. But to our amazement this little guy has lasted much longer than we thought he would.

When it comes time to clean the fishbowl, we have to catch the little fishie in a net so we can place him in a small jar while we clean the bowl. You would think that such a small little creature would be easy to capture, but sometimes it takes 2, 3 or 4 attempts of catching him.

As difficult as it is to capture just a small fish into a small jar, it blows my mind how difficult it would be to go to the ocean and capture a massive amount.

PSALM 33:7 "He gathers the waters of the sea into jars; He puts the deep into storehouses."

The thought that God can gather the sea up into a jar while I can hardly gather up a cup of it into my jar, just totally fascinates me. Isn't it interesting that the Psalmist paints us this picture.

It makes me think of the days we spent on the beach when our kids were little. We would stand at the
edge of the water, and as the tide rolled in, we would be ready to gather up as many shells or crabs that washed ashore. The kids would be waiting in anticipation with their little shovels and pails, only to be disappointed that the tide would wash the shells and crabs back out to sea almost as fast as it washed in.

It is difficult for me to imagine God standing at the beach line with a jar, waiting to collect as much
water as He can before the water washed back out. I don't think this is the picture that the Psalmist is painting for us. However, the point is that God is in control and He rules over everything, even nature.

He created the seas and everything in it and if He needed to He could command the waves to stop and He would be able to put all of the waters into jars if He had to.


Now THAT is what strengthens my faith! Knowing that God is all powerful, all knowing and able to handle anything. If He could put all of the sea into jars, how much MORE can He do something with what hangs over our heads? When the waves come crashing in on us, He WILL make a way!

We just have to trust Him. And obey.

Trust and Obey...two words that can calm any storm!
And this has been a piece of my heart today;

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